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Your web
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Your web
training ground for the real world

Get hands-on experience with the most popular web dev technologies around

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Quick tutorials can be great. But they really only skim the surface. Turns out there's a lot more beneath.

When building real-world apps, there's a lot more that you'll need to know than can be packed into a handfull of 3-minute videos.

Instead of going shallow on topics, Holodeck gives you in-depth courses that cover the whole stack.

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Ryan Chenkie

Full-Stack Instructor

Ryan has been teaching full stack web development through screencasts and courses since 2015. He's worked for auth0 and Prisma and is the founder of Elevate Digital, a full-service web application development agency.

Focus Areas JS, TS, React, Databases
Dev Work Experience auth0, Prisma, Elevate Digital
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Learn modern full stack tech with real-world projects

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Featured Courses

    Learn and understand all the puzzle pieces of modern full stack development

    Frameworks & Libraries icon

    Frameworks & Libraries

    New frameworks pop up all the time but there are a few that are tried and true. Get deep-dives into the most common frameworks in use today, including React and its metaframeworks like Next.js and RedwoodJS. Other frameworks like Vue and Svelte are also covered.

    Authentication & Authorization icon

    Authentication & Authorization

    Auth is crucial for any non-trivial application. We need to ensure that users are who they claim to be and have appropriate access to resources. Learn how these systems safeguard applications by managing user identities and permissions effectively.

    Databases icon


    Databases are at the core of most applications and are also one of the most common sources of headaches for performance and scaling. Picking the right database is a crucial step at the start of any project and the wrong choice can have consequences down the line. Explore the various database types available and how to choose the right database for a given project.

    Deployment icon


    There's a lot to consider when choosing a host and deploy target for our applications. Ease of use, pricing, availability, scalability, and support are just some of them. Get insights into how to choose a good host for your needs and how to deploy to it.

    Testing & Debugging icon

    Testing & Debugging

    Automated tests are neglected by some and are essential for others. It can be annoying to write and maintain them, but tests help give us confidence that our apps work the way they should, especially as the codebase grows.

    Scaling icon


    Premature scaling shouldn't be done. But when it does come time to scale for legitimate reasons, there are many things to consider. Sometimes it's a matter of improving the database, other times, we need to increase our deployment resources. Learn about the various areas that might need to be considered when scaling and how to approach it.

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